Faced with a pandemic of COVID-19 which is affecting most of the states in the world, Ascensores TRESA wants to express its profound solidarity with all those families who have been affected.


In particular, we would like to recognize the work of health workers who, with their human and professional quality, have worked tirelessly to minimize the effects of this devastating disease.


In the same way, we want to recognize the work of all those people who, in a responsible attitude, are collaborating to restore normalcy as soon as possible, from the workers who guarantee essential services, to the people who stay at home to safeguard the lives of others.


We wish to inform our customers, suppliers and employees that since the beginning of the alarm state we are taking all the measures available to make TRESA a safe company:


  1. Our telephone support service is available 24 hours for emergency care, questions or doubts. Please, follow the instructions carefully to safeguard everyone's safety.
  2. The rescue and maintenance services operate normally, with our technicians that are adopting the necessary safety measures and wearing protective equipment. Please cooperate with them at all times.
  3. We continue with our production activities, although we have taken extraordinary measures to ensure the safety of our workers.
  4. Where possible, the rest of our employees carry out their work in teleworking mode, minimizing the possibility of transmission of the virus.


We want this extraordinary situation to return to normal as soon as possible, but in the meantime, we will continue to work with everyone's safety as a top priority.


For more information, contact Ascensores TRESA by phone or in the webpage: www.ascensorestresa.com.