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Quality policy

Dedicated to an improvement policy of all the functions and operations



ASCENSORES TRESA develops its business activities following a solid environmental policy that covers the entire useful life of the product.
During the manufacturing process, the minimum controlled environmental impact is produced through energy efficiency audits, with the implementation of technological improvements available in each phase and with a rigorous waste management process. Strategically, it is committed to responsible technologies, such as lighting by means of LEDS, and the use of recyclable components at the end of the lifespan of each lift.

  • Lighting by means of high-performance LEDS, combined with automatic switching offon of the cabin light saves electricity.
  • By adopting the frequency convertors (VVVF) as standard for all electric lift models, ASCENSORES TRESA configures these installations with very low power consumption and reduced starting torque compared to the two usual speeds.
  • In the reliable and robust hydraulic technology, with the use of electronic regulators and frequency variators (VVVF) a reduction in energy consumption of more than 20% is obtained.
  • At the end of the lifespan of each lift, when replacing it, the different components are treated by reduction or recycling, thus reducing the environmental impact.
  • TRESA'S MAINTENANCE SERVICE keeps the lifts under its responsibility in optimal technical conditions of service, which translates into environmentally efficient operation. Fleet vehicle management is also eco-efficient, choosing the one that best suits each task, optimizing routes and instructing personnel on driving efficiently.

When implementing its quality, safety and health system, ASCENSORES TRESA S.A. seeks to continuously improve its capacity to understand and meet its customers' needs and carry out all the work as safely as possible, convinced that this will also be the most technical, cheapest and, usually, the best way to carry out projects.
To achieve this objective, the company and its employees are required to be committed to a policy of improvement of all functions and operations.

The focus of the company is based on:

  • Promotion of internal know-how and IR+ D + I
    Investment in new facilities and means as differentiation with respect to the competition.
  • Continuous reinvestment and recapitalization by the property.
  • Empowering company personnel through training, continuity in employment and connection with ASCENSORES TRESA, S.A. values.


All the people that make up the organization, without exception, must undertake the commitment that all nonconformity of the system, as well as any injury or damage to health as a result of work should be avoided and use all means at their disposal to achieve this goal.
Through the implementation of a quality assurance system in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO-9001 standard, of safety and health regulations in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 specification, as well as strict compliance with Directive 2014/33/EU and its implementing regulations , we confirm our approach on our way to continuous improvement of the quality of our products and services up to a first class level and the health of our workers and those of our collaborating companies, admitting and accepting that this effort must be kept throughout our business trajectory.

The Management of ASCENSORES TRESA, S.A. is committed to achieving a high level of quality and occupational health and safety and to basing its activity on the principles of integration and continuous improvement of preventive action and strict compliance with Laws and Regulations, creating for this purpose the necessary human, technical and material resources.

Quality and occupational health and safety are integrated into the set of activities and decisions of ASCENSORES TRESA, S.A., guaranteeing continuous monitoring by Management to control the effectiveness of the system, as well as the information and participation of all workers.

The effort of some does not mean quality, safety and health for all. Only a JOINT EFFORT creates TOTAL QUALITY, SAFETY AND HEALTH FOR EVERYONE.