At Ascensores TRESA the Interlift 2019 upcoming event has been months in the making. We are
aware of the time and effort it will involve for you to be there, and we simply want to be up to
the standard.
If you do not know about us already, here is a bunch of reasons why we should meet up, but
one line sums it all up pretty well: “we are people who talk to people”. And here comes the
1. We have been manufacturing lifts for more than 35 years.
2. We manufacture in Spain using 100% European components subject to European
3. In Spain we are wherever you may need us, and we export to more than 50 countries.
4. In Spain, we also install and maintain more than 7,000 lifts. This qualifies us as the to-go-to
experts for quick accurate answers.
5. We have specialised in installing lifts with little or no space.
6. We have our own favourites, but from our wide range variety of finishes, models and
technologies you may choose your lifts.
7. We are transparent. You may visit our factories and check first-hand our production
8. We innovate so our lifts are equipped with the “latest” technology for your benefit.
9. We aim to be close to our clients and we will be there whenever you need us.
10. We offer reasonable prices for extraordinary lifts.
Choosing the flooring colour, picking beautiful images for the walls, designing a cosy place to
offer you fresh coffee, placing screens in places avoiding brightness and dealing with many
more details... That is what we have been doing in the eve of your upcoming visit to the
Ascensores TRESA stand in Interlift 2019. Shall we talk? Request an appointment with us via
this link. We will be delighted to meet you.
Ascensores Tresa, ¡Dejate llevar!